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Weekly College Admissions News Roundup, Oct. 13-17

Weekly News Roundup Oct. 13 resized 600

More College Grads Expected to Be Hired in 2015, Early Application Checklist for Nov. 1 Deadlines

October is halfway over, and that means that early application deadlines are just two weeks away! Seniors planning to apply early decision or early action to their top-choice schools need to be finishing up their applications and preparing to hit “submit!”  

Early Decision College Application Checklist

Early Application Materials Checklist resized 600

Here’s What to Do Before Submitting Your Early Decision or Early Action Application  

Early application deadlines are a little over two weeks away, and seniors applying early decision or early action to their top-choice colleges are in the homestretch.  

Weekly College Admissions News Roundup, Oct. 6-10

Weekly Roundup 10.10.14 resized 600

College Applications Up 70% since 2004, Cornell Announces New Community Engagement Program  

The countdown to the early application deadlines has begun, and with the first applications due in just a couple of weeks, the world of admissions and higher education is overflowing with news.  

How to Use College Rankings to Make Decisions

Popular College Ranking Lists

Popular College Rankings Lists: Don't Pay Attention to the Ranking – Look at the Data Available

In the world of college admissions, one of the most controversial , and highly-debated tools advertised as a way to determine the “best” colleges are college rankings lists. An increasing number of news outlets and publications claim to have “cracked the code” in terms of determining which colleges are worth attending, however, what rankings fail to convey is the importance of personal fit. 

Weekly College Admissions News Roundup, Sept. 29 - Oct. 3

College Admissions News Oct. 3

LinkedIn Launches Rankings and New College Search Tools, Tips for Ivy League Admission  

With the start of October, we’re less than a month away from the first early decision and early action deadlines! The college admissions season is in full swing, and there are new developments that students need to be aware of each day.  

Class of 2019 Early Application Deadlines and Resources

Early Application Deadlines

Many Early Decision and Early Action Deadlines Are Just One Month Away

With the start of October we’re roughly one month away from the first early decision and early action application deadlines. It’s crunch time for students applying to their top-choice schools in the early round, and making note of early deadlines and the resources available to early applicants is important in this crucial stage of the admissions season.  

Weekly College Admissions News Roundup, Sept. 22-26

College Admissions News Sept. 26

College Introduces “Dimensional Application,” College Admission Tips for Home-schooled Students  

September is quickly coming to a close – leaving some students with just over a month to complete their early decision or early action college applications. The admissions season is about to hit its first major deadline, so families need to stay on top of the latest college and higher education news.  

Transfer Admission Rates

Transfer Admit Rates

Know Your Chances of Admission Before Starting the Transfer Application Process

With the first semester well underway for most members of the Class of 2018, some students may be facing the disappointing realization that their top-choice school is not living up to their expectations. Maybe the decision to attend a school far from home feels overwhelming, or the atmosphere or classes aren’t as expected. Studies show that as many as one in three students transfer schools at least once before earning their diploma, and that a quarter of those students change schools more than once.

Weekly College Admissions News Roundup, Sept. 15-19

College Admissions News and Updates

College Admissions Officers Favor SAT Changes, Liberal Arts Degree Salaries That Top $100,000

September is halfway through, and college-minded seniors are hit with more college admissions news and information than ever.

Finding Your Best-Fit College: Spotlight on NYU Liberal Studies

NYU Liberal Studies

NYU's Liberal Studies Program Offers a Small Liberal Arts Atmosphere at a Major University

IvyWise Intern Janeen tells us why New York University was the best fit for her academic goals.

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