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5 Tips for Keeping Senioritis At Bay

Wed, Feb 27, 2019 @ 10:00 AM

5 Tips for Keeping Senioritis at BayFinish High School on a High Note By Avoiding Second Semester Slumps

After months of test preparation, studying, essay writing, and college tours, it’s understandable that many high school seniors are tempted to slack after applications are in. While carving out time to relax and unwind is important, seniors who take it too far and let their grades drop can face serious consequences, including the possibility of having their college acceptances rescinded.

Consequently, it is important for students to stay focused and finish out the last few months of high school on a high note. Keep reading for our top tips for avoiding senioritis and making the most of your final semester.

Write Down Your Goals
It’s important for students of all ages to have concrete goals to work towards. Many high school aged students prioritize college applications and may be unsure of what to strive for after hitting submit. Take time to reflect on your achievements throughout high school, your hopes for the future, and what you need to do to feel confident on your first day of college classes. Write down 3-5 academic goals to prioritize during your final semester of high school, which can include maintaining your grades or nailing a term project. Refer back to this list to stay motivated and focused throughout the next few months.

Stay Committed
Maintaining your GPA is just one of many responsibilities students have; in order to truly avoid senioritis, it is important to uphold every commitment you have taken on throughout high school. Consequently, second semester seniors should strive to stay involved with all of their extracurricular activities, after-school jobs, and volunteer work. Not only will participating in these events help you finish off the year on a strong note, it will also give students the skills needed to juggle multiple responsibilities and commitments in college.

Keep Learning
Instead of slacking off, high school seniors should take advantage of the next few months to academically prepare for the higher-level coursework expected of college students. In order to enter college classes with confidence, strive to stay on top of your academic game throughout the spring and summer by looking for new opportunities to grow and challenge yourself. Students may wish to consider working on an independent project or following a reading list to stay mentally sharp and prepare for new challenges.

Connect with Friends and Family
While keeping up your grades and study habits is essential, seniors should also pencil in time to catch up with friends and family after what was likely a very busy first semester. After outlining your academic goals and your after school activity schedule, plan social outings that will simultaneously allow you to connect and recharge. Options like a movie night with your best friend or going on a hike with your family can help students relax while also maintaining important relationships. Setting aside time to socialize and unwind will help students create a balanced schedule and avoid the temptation to completely slack off and go on autopilot.

Tie Up Loose Ends
The next few months are a major transition time and students need to stay on top of important dates and deadlines to ensure the move from high school to college goes as smoothly as possible. Take note of when enrollment deposits are due, any housing applications or procedures, and requirements surrounding high school graduation. Keeping tabs on these kinds of logistics will help students feel prepared and avoid any last-minute stress or unforeseen deadlines.

By staying committed and focusing on academic goals, second semester seniors can make the most of their final months of high school and prepare for college. If you are beginning your own college search, our team of admissions counselors can help you create a balanced school list and feel confident about your first day of classes!


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