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4 Important College Prep Skills You Can Learn From A Summer Job

By IvyWise on Mon, Apr 09, 2018 @ 02:06 PM

A Summer Job Can Help You Earn Some Extra Cash and Develop Skills That Will Take You Through the Admissions Process and College

Academic courses or summer programs and MOOCs aren’t the only options that students have in order stay productive or keep learning this summer. In addition to exploring your interests through summer activities, a summer job can help you develop a new skills that are sometimes difficult to develop inside the classroom. No matter the job, taking on a paid position with a defined set of responsibilities will challenge you in new and exciting ways.

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5 Tips for Students Waitlisted at Their Top-Choice College

By IvyWise on Wed, Mar 28, 2018 @ 10:00 AM

A Waitlist Decision Can Be Confusing, So What Should You Do?

So you’ve been placed on the dreaded waitlist. Now what? There’s actually a lot that students can do to maximize their chances of admission off the waitlist.

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7 Tips for Students Denied From Their Top-Choice College

By IvyWise on Tue, Mar 27, 2018 @ 10:00 AM

If You're Denied Don't Give Up Hope!

Receiving a denial from a college can be extremely disappointing, but it’s not the end of the world. There are a number of things that students can do to deal with a denial – and focus on the positives.

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6 Tips for Students Accepted to Their Top-Choice Colleges

By IvyWise on Mon, Mar 26, 2018 @ 09:53 AM

Here's What to Do If You're Accepted!

More college admissions decisions are coming out this week, and we have some advice for students who were accepted to their top-choice colleges.

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6 Must-Have Items For Your College Visits

By IvyWise on Thu, Mar 22, 2018 @ 10:00 AM

Here's What to Bring On Your Campus Tours This Spring

College visits are an important part of the college prep process, as it help students learn more about schools of interest in order to build their balanced college list. Campus visits are a marathon – not a sprint – and taking along the right items can help make your time touring schools a lot easier!

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Extracurricular Activity Resources for High School Freshmen and Sophomores

By IvyWise on Wed, Mar 21, 2018 @ 04:58 PM

Are You Participating In Meaningful Extracurricular Activities?

Colleges want to see what students are doing outside of the classroom, so high school students should seek out extracurricular opportunities that they’re passionate about and match their interests. For high school freshmen and sophomores, it can be hard to figure out exactly what their interests are and the activities that best suit those passions. Luckily, there are a number of resources for high school freshmen and sophomores to help them identify their core interests and find activities that support them.

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Class of 2022 Admission Rates

By IvyWise on Thu, Mar 15, 2018 @ 03:46 PM

As Colleges Begin Releasing Admission Decisions, MIT Is One of the First With 6.7% Acceptance Rate

Here’s a look at some of the first admission rates and application numbers from the class of 2022.

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Summer Planning Resources For High School Students

By IvyWise on Wed, Mar 07, 2018 @ 10:00 AM

Now’s the Time for Students to Think About How to Spend Their Summer Breaks

It may only be March, but summer break will be here before you know it, and students need to have a solid plan for how to spend their time off from school.

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The IvyWise Team Is Heading To Guatemala!

By IvyWise on Fri, Mar 02, 2018 @ 10:00 AM

Follow the IvyWise Team as We Travel to Build a School in Guatemala

On Sunday seven members of the IvyWise team will travel to Guatemala to build a school as part of IvyWise Gives Back initiative with School the World! Here’s how you can follow along with our journey.

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Class of 2022 Regular Decision Notification Dates

By IvyWise on Wed, Feb 14, 2018 @ 03:03 PM

Here’s When Students Can Expect to Receive Regular Admission Decisions in 2018

As we draw closer to spring, colleges and universities across the country are working hard to get through hundreds of thousands of college applications to the class of 2022 in order to deliver regular decisions by the end of March.

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