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College Admissions Advice via Twitter

Thu, Oct 20, 2011 @ 01:39 PM

Twitter Town Hall: Ask Dr. Kat

Twitter_College AdmissionsDr. Kat recently took to Twitter to answer questions about college admissions. For those of you who weren't able to join us, we've posted the transcript below.

Our first question comes via email: When should I ask my teachers for letters of recommendation? #askdrkat

Dr. Kat says: Great question! Ideally by the end of junior year while you're still fresh on teachers' minds. #askdrkat

Via email: What should I write my college essay about? #askdrkat

Dr. Kat says: Something that cannot otherwise be learned from the rest of your application. A story only YOU can tell. #askdrkat

Via email: What are some common application mistakes I should avoid? #askdrkat #college

Dr. Kat says: 1. Check spelling and grammar 2. Avoid redundancy 3. Each short essay should show a different side to who you are. #askdrkat

@ivywise I just graduated from Columbia (yay!), can my cousin's daughter list me as family on her application? We're close! Thx

@claudvandamn Congrats on your graduation! Each school defines legacy differently... #askdrkat

@claudvandamn For Columbia, a legacy is a grad or current student who is a sibling, parent/guardian or grandparent. #askdrkat

@claudvandamn While she will be a not be a legacy applicant based on your relation to her, you can still help - share your experiences w/her

@IvyWise thanks Dr. Kat! Too bad they can't define legacy the way a Colombian family would :P

Via email: I've been reading about #Facebook and #college #admissions. Can't I just hide my profile or change my name? #askdrkat

Dr. Kat says: No. Don't change your name, but do clean up your profile if need be. Anyone (even a friend) can send a screenshot... #askdrkat

Only post what would pass the “grandparent test.” For more, check out our blog post on #Facebook & #college #admissions

Via email: We are planning #college visits. Should my son bother visiting his safe schools? #askdrkat

Dr. Kat says: Yes! He should try to visit as many schools as is financially feasible, even the safes, so they take him seriously. #askdrkat

Last question: It is okay if I go beyond 500 words on the personal statement? #commonapp #personalstatement #askdrkat

Dr. Kat says: Yes, it is a suggested limit. Don't edit a 514-word essay just to fit 500 words, but do be clear and concise in your writing.

Dr. Kat adds: Keep your personal statement to one page. #commonapp #personalstatement #askdrkat

(For more on the Common App, check out our newsletter article!)

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions before & during our event! We hope you had a great time & learned new info as well! #askdrkat







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