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After the College Visit

Tue, Jan 17, 2012 @ 01:11 PM

What To Do After a College Visit

College VisitCollege websites, brochures, and catalogs offer lots of information, however, nothing beats the insight you can gain from stepping onto a college campus. Last week, we shared our top dos and don'ts to make the most of your college visits. But, what happens once you’ve come home from your visit?

Following your campus visit, write a note to each college representative you met. In addition to thanking these people for their time, it’s a good idea to reference a specific aspect of your tour or information session as a way of reinforcing your enthusiasm about the school and keeping your interest fresh in their minds. It is best to email these notes, because you’re more likely to get a response this way. Once you have made initial contact, aim to keep in touch again before sending your application. This is a great way to pose any questions that you wish you had asked during your visit or ask any new questions you may have upon further research.

Next, review and expand upon the notes you took during your visit while details are still fresh in your mind. Update your research notebook and take the time to reflect on your impressions of the school’s three C’s – Classrooms, Campus, and Community. If you still have trouble picturing yourself at a school after visiting, then perhaps it doesn’t belong on your list. These notes will be useful as you write your essays and prepare for interviews, and will ultimately help as you decide where to enroll.

Finally, talk it over with your parents. The alternate perspectives and useful suggestions that a parent can offer on a city, location, or school may surprise you. Also, the more included your parent feels in the college admissions process, the more likely he or she is to listen to your opinion when it comes time to make your final college choice. Although it is ultimately your decision on where to attend college, it is important to have open conversations about your priorities and whether a school is going to be a good academic and social fit.

Now is the time to prepare for college visits for President's Day Weekend and spring break. Call us today (+1-212-262-3500) to learn how our expert counselors can help you prepare for your college visits!

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