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College Admissions Apps: Test Prep

Tue, Mar 27, 2012 @ 01:47 PM

College Admissions? "There's an app for that"

Test Prep AppsTest Prep Standardized tests can be coached and the best way to prepare is with in-depth, sustained tutoring over a long period of time. IvyWise tutors can customize a curriculum to help you reach your goals. Our tutors build students' confidence while helping them develop effective learning skills, strategies, and techniques. Additionally, you might want to try the following apps to help you log additional practice time in between sessions with your tutor and while you are out and about.

SAT Connect – $24.99, Free for a limited time

SATConnectSAT Connect offers short, timed tests composed of 20 questions to help students prepare for the SAT. Students are not allowed to skip any questions, and once the test is completed, the program gives a detailed solution to each problem. In addition, it features more than 800 questions for vocab, math, reading comprehension, and sentence completion (and each answer includes a full explanation). The app includes a progress report so you can see the areas where you have improved and areas where you need to improve. Further, SAT Connect features several full diagnostic tests with detailed statistics and results, more than 500 pages of review material, and 4,000 vocab flashcards. Also try: BenchPrep

ACT Student – Free

ACT StudentThere are significantly fewer apps available for ACT prep than for the SAT, but ACT Student, the official app of the ACT, is a worthwhile tool for students. Not only can students access their ACT accounts including registration and score information, the practice feature provides sample English, Math, Reading, and Science questions and gives feedback based on attempted answers. The app also links to ACT’s mobile website, giving students access to FAQs and test day tips. Also try: ACT Practice for Dummies

StudyBlue Flashcards - Free

StudyBlueThe popular StudyBlue website, which lets students import and organize notes, create and quiz themselves with digital flashcards, set study reminders, and share materials with classmates, is now accessible to students as an app. Students can create flashcards using the voice-to-text tool and can even incorporate images. Thanks to the offline mode, flashcards remain available to students without an Internet connection, so you can study on the go too! There is nothing more important to a college admissions officer than your grades and performance in the classroom. Create a folder in your “backpack” for each course and keep study materials for your courses (as well as SAT Subject Tests and AP Exams) literally at your fingertips. Also try: Mental Case

Khan Academy - Free

Khan AcademyJust released this month, the Khan Academy app gives users access to 2,700 free tutorial videos in topics ranging from physics to finance. Dr. Kat is a big fan of Khan Academy, whose website offers more than 3,000 videos and 300 practice exercises to students. The videos included in the app are downloadable, so that students can study offline too, and the app will soon feature the practice exercises that have made the site so popular.


While apps should never be your only method of test prep, according to a recent blog post on Student Advisor, even Angry Birds can help students improve their SAT score. So while we often advise students to avoid distractions such as Facebook, texting, and IM while studying, when it comes to the college admissions process, your iPhone, iPad, or Android device might be more of a help than a hindrance!

Have you found a great test prep app? Tell us about it! And check back next week as we look at apps that help students get organized during the college admissions process.

Sarah Shanahan

Written by Sarah Shanahan

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