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Finding A College Roommate in 2013

Wed, May 22, 2013 @ 03:07 PM

Facebook, Online Profiles, and More Go Into Roommate Searches

RoommatesFinding a college roommate is not necessarily up to a random assignment by the housing office these days. Facebook groups and roommate finder websites have revamped this process allowing for optimal co-habitation compatibility. No longer is requesting the same dorm the only criteria that will go into finding your future roommate. Cleanliness, desired noise-level, study habits, style, extracurricular activities, and interests are all taken into account when incoming freshmen hold the power of choosing their own roommates.  

Sites like RoomSurf and URoommates allow college students to build a profile, either by logging in through Facebook for by creating a username, to search and connect with potential new best friends months before even moving on campus. On Facebook, accepted and committed students usually create groups to find roommates as well. Students are already using these resources to find a roommate so they can pick a dorm, decide who is bringing what, and prepare for freshmen move-in.

While these tools are very helpful when planning ahead for college housing, make sure that you focus on important details when searching for and choosing a roommate. While you may enjoy the same music or have similar tastes in cuisine, do not neglect other crucial lifestyle preferences that may clash if they are not addressed upfront.  

Here are some top traits to consider when choosing a roommate:  

  • Cleanliness: Do you make your bed, keep laundry contained, and clean up crumbs after a snack? Then you may not enjoy sharing a small space with those who don’t pay attention to clutter. To avoid an “Odd Couple” scenario, make sure you discuss cleaning habits and preferences with your potential future roomies.

  • Sleeping Schedule: While some college students prefer an “early to bed, early to rise” schedule, others take advantage of their independence (afternoon class schedule) by being a night-owl. It’s mutually beneficial that no TV, music, or other potentially distracting activities happen when it’s time to sleep. Discuss sleeping habits with roommate candidates to ensure good nights of slumber in college. You’ll definitely need it come finals time!

  • Noise-level: Students who prefer the quiet atmosphere of the library and those who brought their electric guitar to school may not see eye-to-eye on the noise spectrum. It’s best to find a roommate and a dorm environment that will be conducive to your noise-level preference to ensure your sleep, and sanity, are not compromised.

  • Sharing: Some roommates establish an understanding that certain food, clothes, and gadgets are fair game. Others prefer you ask before eating their snacks or borrowing a shirt. Make sure you establish those boundaries with your new roommate before the first day so that you don’t encounter any misunderstandings.

These are just a few of the important aspects of sharing a living space you should discuss with potential roommates. By addressing these issues now, you may save yourself from arguments later on in the year. Remember, dorm living can be a blast, but it has its challenges! You may make friends from your floor freshmen year who will be around for the rest of college and beyond. Use these resources wisely and good luck with your search!

Are you using one of these tools to find a roommate? Are you finding it helpful? Let us know in the comments section below!

Becca Huntting

Written by Becca Huntting

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