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Things to Be Thankful for This College Admissions Season

Wed, Nov 27, 2013 @ 11:33 AM

College Admissions ThanksgivingTake Time to Thank Those Who Have Helped You on Your College Admissions Journey

Thanksgiving is a holiday where we celebrate and recognize all of the things we should be thankful for this year. With all of the stress surrounding the college admissions process, it may seem hard to be thankful for the experience, but there are many positive aspects of the application process that you should recognize.

This holiday season, take a minute to give thanks to the people who have helped you during this journey to getting into your top-choice school.

Give thanks to…

Your counselors: Your college and guidance counselors have worked hard over the years to get you to this point, and more often than not they work with dozens, or even hundreds, of other students. From helping you build a balanced college list, to editing essays and writing recommendation letters, your counselors have given a lot of time and effort to help you succeed. Take a minute to say thanks for all of their hard work and let them know that you appreciate all that they do.

Your teachers: Your teachers have been working tirelessly to prepare you for college since the first day you started high school. From teaching to helping coach sports teams and sponsoring student clubs and organizations, your teachers have done a lot to make your high school experience as enriching as possible. There’s a lot of work that goes into supporting students, so let your teachers know you appreciate how they have helped you learn and grow this past year.

Your parents: The college admissions process is stressful on parents, too. Parents want to be involved and help you succeed in the application process, but they also know that sometimes they need to stay on the sidelines and let you take the lead. Thank them for their support in all that they have done this year, and throughout your high school career. Whether it was driving you to and from practice, helping with your club’s bake sale, or just lending an ear when schoolwork got stressful, your parents have been cheering you on since day one. Take a minute to let them know you appreciate it.

There’s always plenty to be thankful for, so this holiday season be sure to let those who have impacted your life know how much you appreciate their help and support. From the IvyWise family to yours, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season!


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