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Advice for College Freshmen: Preparing for the College Transition

Wed, Jun 22, 2011 @ 01:15 PM

College Preparation - Welcome FreshmenWith the class of 2015 entering college in just a few months, now is the time for students (and parents) to prepare for the major life transition that comes with being (and parenting) a college student. On the one hand, students, you will need to be independent and responsible while adjusting to a new array of demands: time management, living in close quarters with a complete stranger, doing your own laundry (should the striped shirt be washed with whites or colors?). Meanwhile, your parents may be torn about encouraging this newfound autonomy as they struggle with their own feelings of relinquishment and an impending “empty nest.” The expert counselors at IvyWise have some great tips so you and your parents can make the most of the summer while easing into your new roles this fall.

Start Socializing:

Students, don’t wait until the day you unload the car to start building a new support system and making new friends.  Colleges have Facebook pages for their entire school communities, as well as designated “Class of 2015” pages for incoming freshmen.  This allows you to share info, start discussions, and get to know other students before you even get to campus. Join the conversation online today! Also, get a sense of what’s happening on campus and which activities you may want to take advantage of: follow the college’s Twitter feeds, read the campus newspaper online, and look at the schedule for upcoming athletic competitions and other student life organized events on and off campus. With all online interaction, IvyWise advises safety first – never give out personal information such as addresses or phone numbers, and be aware of scams.
You will receive your housing assignment by early August, so take the initiative and reach out to your roommate.  Get all of the small talk out of the way via phone, email, or even Skype, so when you show up on moving day, there’s already a familiar face.  You and your roommate should also coordinate which items you’ll each bring to school, so you don’t end up with two DVD players and no TV! You’ll need to get used to living with this new person, which may be challenging especially if you have had your own room up until now.  This includes adjusting to each other’s habits, sleep schedules and music preferences - you’ll need to learn how to compromise!  

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