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Dr. Kat’s Top Back to School Apps

Wed, Aug 31, 2016 @ 02:54 PM

back_to_school_apps.jpgSome of the Best Organization and College Prep Apps for Students This Fall


Time to go back to school? There’s an app for that! Start off the new school year by downloading these apps that will help you stay organized throughout the fall.

One of the biggest challenges students face when preparing for college is just staying organized and on track. By utilizing several college prep resources and mobile apps, students can better prioritize their commitments and prepare for the college application season.

So what are some of the best back to school apps? Check out Dr. Kat’s picks below!

Coursera and edX

If your school doesn’t offer some courses that match your interests, try taking a MOOC or two using Coursera or edX apps. Take your classes on-the-go and learn while you’re road tripping to visit colleges or just when you have some free time after school.

Google Drive

Keep all your school assignments, spreadsheets, college checklists, essays and more all in the same place! Easily access any materials you need anywhere you are. It’s good to have on hand when meeting with your college counselor. Don’t use Google? Try Dropbox for the same functionality.

Study Cal

Keep track of all your schoolwork, grades, and more with this easy to use app. Study Cal is a great alternative to a regular planner, and can help you prioritize assignments, meet deadlines, and keep track of your performance in each class.


Take notes, set reminders, make lists and more with this alternative to the regular Notes app. This can help you stay on track with your school work and college applications.

MyScript MathPad

For advanced math students who want to better organize complex equations and solutions, this app allows you to write equations directly on the screen and transforms them into a digital format – perfect for typed notes and study guides.


Having trouble managing your time? ATracker will help you better track your time for things like homework, extracurriculars, college applications, and more. Just input your tasks and time and the app will let you know how you spend your time and how you can better manage your free time.

Naviance Student

If your school uses Naviance to manage the college admissions process, make sure to download the app before the start of the school year. The app will help you organize upcoming tasks, college research, communicate with your counselor, and more.

Common App onTrack

While you can’t apply to colleges with this app, it is a great complement to the regular Common App. The app is connected to your Common App account and will let you see the status of your applications, set reminders and notifications, and more.

What are some of your favorite back to school apps? Tell us in the comments below!


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