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Class of 2024 Early Decision Notification Dates

Wed, Oct 02, 2019 @ 10:00 AM

Early Decision and Early Action Notification Dates for the 2019-20 Application Seasonclass of 2024 early decision notification dates

The college admissions season is flying by, and before you know it early admission decisions will be released. Here’s our annual list of early decision notification dates!

It’s no surprise that the college admissions season is expected to be extremely competitive this year, especially after admission rates reached record-lows for the Class of 2023. It’s important that students know the benefits of applying in the early round – and the drawbacks – in order to find success in the admissions process. Students and parents also need to understand the latest admissions trends and how colleges are evaluating students’ applications

At IvyWise, we aim to relieve some of the stress commonly associated with the college admissions process, and that includes bringing you the most updated information on early decision release dates every year. Our annual release date list is the most comprehensive and updated daily as new information becomes available. Be sure to check the links provided within the list for the most recent dates and information.

Here are early application decision notification dates for the Class of 2024. Expect these dates to change as we draw closer to mid-December. Check back regularly for updated date and times – especially for those without specific dates and times or those labeled “TBD.”


Early Decision Notification Date

Amherst College

December 11th

Babson College

December 17th, 4pm

Barnard College


Bates College

December 14th (Early Decision I)

Boston College

December 5th, 5:30pm EST (Early Decision I)

February 4th, 5:30pm ET (Early Decision II)

Boston University

December 15

Bowdoin College

December 13th, 7pm ET (Early Decision I)

Brandeis University

December 15

Brown University

December 12th, 6pm ET

Cal Tech


Carleton College

December 13th, 8pm Minnesota Time

Carnegie Mellon University

December 15

Columbia University

December 12th, 7pm ET

Cornell University

December 12th, 7pm ET

Dartmouth College

December 12th

Duke University

December 12th, 7pm ET

Emerson College

December 13th

Emory University

December 11th, 6pm ET (Early Decision I)

February 5th, 6pm ET (Early Decision II)

George Mason University

December 12th

George Washington



Georgetown University

Decision letters mailed on December 12th

Georgia Tech

January 18th, 10am ET

Hamilton College

December 15

Harvard University

No earlier than December 12th, 7pm ET

Harvey Mudd

December 13th, 6pm PST

Johns Hopkins University

December 13th

Middlebury College



December 14th, 12:14pm ET

New York University

December 12th (Early Decision I)

February 13th, 4pm EST (Early Decision II)

Northwestern University

December 13th

Oberlin College

December 14th (Early Decision I)

Occidental College

December 13th, 5pm PST (Early Decision I)

Pomona College

By December 15

Princeton University

December 12th, 7pm EST

Rice University

December 12th, 5pm CT

Stanford University

December 12th, 7pm EST

Suffolk University

December 12th, 3pm

Swarthmore College

By December 15

Tufts University

December 13th, around 7pm EST

Tulane University

November 20th, 4pm CST (Early Decision)

December 19th, 3:30pm CST (Early Action)

University of Chicago

December 18th, late afternoon (Early Action and Early Decision I)

February 14th at 4 PM CT (Early Decision II)

University of Georgia

November 22nd

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

December 13th (Early Action)

University of Miami

Late December (Early Decision I)

Mid–Late January (Early Decision II)

Late January–Early February (Early Action)

University of Michigan

December 19th

University of Notre Dame

December 13th, 6:42pm ET

University of Pennsylvania

December 16th, 7pm

University of Richmond

December 6th (Early Decision I)

Around January 25th (Early Action)

Around February 15th (Early Decision II)

University of San Francisco

By December 1st (Early Decision)

By mid-December (Early Action)

University of Texas at Austin

By February 1 (Priority Application)

University of Vermont

December 12th

University of Virginia

December 6th, evening (Early Decision)

January 31st (Early Action)

Vanderbilt University

Mid-December (Early Decision I)

February 12th, after 5pm CT (Early Decision II)

Villanova University

January 15th (Early Action)

Virginia Tech

By December 15th (Early Decision)

By February 22nd (Early Action)

Washington & Lee University

December 13th

Washington University in St. Louis


Wellesley College


ED Round I

Wesleyan University

December 14th

William & Mary

December 6th, evening (Early Decision I)

Williams College

By December 15

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

December 16th, 5pm EST (Early Action I)

Yale University

December 16th


See a school we left out or an updated release date we haven’t included yet? Tell us in the comments below and we will add it to our list!


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