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Weekly College Admissions News Roundup, April 27 - May 1

Fri, May 01, 2015 @ 11:04 AM

Decision Day 2015Seniors at NJ High School Submitted over 5,000 College Applications, It's Decision Day for the Class of 2019

Happy Decision Day! It’s May 1st, meaning students have until midnight to submit their enrollment deposits and secure their spot at the college they’ll attend this fall. By this time most students have already made their final decision, but for some it can come down to the wire. As the college admissions process wraps up for current high school seniors, it’s important to remember that the entire journey isn’t over quite yet! Seniors need to work hard and keep their grades up through the end of the school year because colleges will request final transcripts!
This is also the time of year when the focus shifts toward current high school juniors. It’s almost their time to apply to college, and one of the best things that parents and students can do now is stay informed on what’s going on in admissions and higher education. At IvyWise we aim to make this easier by bringing you the latest higher education news every Friday.
Here are some of the top stories in admissions and higher education from this past week:
  1. It’s May 1st and that means it’s college decision day for high school seniors across the country (and world!) For most college-bound students today is the deadline to enroll at the college they’ll be attending this fall. Celebrate by showing your new school spirit online with the #DecisionDay hashtag! Waiting until the zero hour to make a decision about where to go? Here’s what to think about. But don’t waste time and miss the deadline! After May 1 colleges will begin to assess the enrolled class and give any free spots to waitlisted students.
  2. It was revealed this week that seniors at a New Jersey high school submitted an average of 45 college applications each. One student even applied to as many as 70 schools! Is this a smart admissions strategy? No. Here’s how many colleges students should actually apply to. (Hint: It’s much less than 45.)
  3. The for-profit college model is in trouble, with Corinthian Colleges announcing this week it will help students continue their studies elsewhere after immediately shutting down all operations.
  4. One George Washington University student gained access to his admissions files and published a piece about it in the school’s paper this week. Here’s what he found out.
  5. The admissions process has changed a lot since applicants went through the process 40, 30, even 20 years ago. The Daily Pennsylvanian talked to some alumni about their admissions experience and how different the process is now.
  6. Good news for gamers! A new Stanford University study found that students’ math skills improved dramatically after just 10 minutes of video game play per day.
  7. Concerned about college ROI? The Brookings Institute has a new rankings model that shows colleges’ value add.
  8. Love food? These colleges have some of the best dining halls. Think gourmet food for every meal.
  9. Speaking of food, these colleges order the most delivery during finals week. Who was number one? Virginia Tech – which was also number 34 on the best dining halls list. Just goes to show that nothing beats having food delivered right to your dorm room door!
  10. This advice might be a little late for high school seniors who had to decide where to enroll by May 1, but it’s good info for current juniors! Here’s how to maximize financial aid and college savings.
  11. Have you heard of University of Pennsylvania’s “Wasting Time on the Internet” course? It’s causing quite a buzz, and this writer sat in on it to give you a first-hand account of what exactly goes on in this unique class.
  12. Attention graduating engineering students! These are the 20 highest paying jobs for engineers with a bachelor’s degree.
  13. Tech on Campus: The Apple Watch is making a splash on Pennsylvania State University’s campus, with researchers at the school testing the device’s usefulness in the classroom.
  14. The liberal arts and STEM don’t really seem to go together, but here’s the case for bringing a more liberal arts focus into engineering education.
  15. Are you smarter than an eighth grader? Take this quiz to find out!
Where are you going to college this fall? Would you ever apply to 45 colleges? Tell us in the comments below!

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