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Weekly College Admissions News Roundup, Jan. 23-27

Fri, Jan 27, 2017 @ 11:20 AM

yale class of 2021 application numbers.jpgMore Class of 2021 Application Statistics Available


January is almost over, and as we move further into the spring semester it’s important for college bound students to stay informed on the latest application trends and statistics.

Colleges have been slow to release application numbers for the class of 2021, but we got a little peek into how many students applied and how many students were admitted early to some of the country’s top colleges and universities. This information is important to track – especially as juniors start building their balanced college lists.

At IvyWise, we aim to make the college admissions process a little more transparent by bringing you the latest college admissions news and admission statistics as soon as they’re released.

Here are some of the top stories in college admissions and higher education news from this past week.

  1. More colleges released application and early acceptance numbers for the class of 2021. Here are a few:
    1. Yale University reported a record-number of applications to the class of 2021, with 32,891 students applying.
    2. 36,700 students applied to the University of Virginia’s class of 2021, with 20,466 applying in the early action round – a record number for the institution. 29% of those early applicants were accepted.
    3. Middlebury College released the first round of early admission rates for the class of 2021, with 51% of EDI applicants accepted.
    4. Case Western Reserve University also reported a record-number of applications to the class of 2021, with over 25,000 students applying for fall admission.
  2. There’s more to college costs than just tuition and books. Many colleges also charge additional fees that families may not expect. IvyWise counselor Alicia spoke with US News & World Report about some of these fees that families might expect.
  3. A new survey was released this week that found that “79 percent of college admissions officers reported "quality of character" as an important component in the admissions process, and as a result, 50 percent have checked applicants' social media.” Source data and methodology were not immediately available in order to examine the sample size, but this should still make students think twice about what they post online when applying to college.
  4. Some colleges are moving away from merit-based aid, with the University of Kentucky the latest to announce they’ll “seek a dramatic shift in its split between what it calls institutional merit aid -- also called non-need-based aid -- and need-based aid.”
  5. It’s college prep crunch time for high school juniors! The admissions department at Tufts University has some tips to help juniors get on track.
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What do you think about the record-number of applications that colleges are reporting for the class of 2021? Do you think we’ll see record-low admit rates again this year? Tell us in the comments below!


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