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Weekly College Admissions News Roundup, June 15-19

Fri, Jun 19, 2015 @ 11:25 AM

College Admissions NewsCollege Board Offers Fee Waiver For Students Who Took June 6 SAT, Second Section Will Not Be Scored

It’s been a busy week with all the new updates on how The College Board is addressing student and parent concerns regarding the error on the June 6 SAT. A lot has happened in the past week, and we’re here to bring you all the information you need to know!
Last week, much of the conversation around college admissions centered on the problems with the June 6 SAT. This week was not much different, with even more announcements on the scoring of the test, the score reliability, and what students and parents need to do next.
Here are some of the top stories in college admissions and higher education news from this past week:
  1. After a week of back and forth between The College Board, students, parents, and counselors, the testing company announced this week that it will offer a fee waiver for students affected by the June 6 SAT and wish to take the October test. Unfortunately, even this has been marred with miscommunication, with The College Board initially telling people students only had until June 30 to register for the fee waiver. Now, The College Board has confirmed that students have until September 3 to register for the October test with the fee waiver.
  2. This comes right after The College Board decided earlier in the week to drop not one, but two sections from the June 6 exam.
  3. Were you affected by the problems with the June 6 SAT? Here’s what you need to do next.
  4. Worried about your online presence when applying to college? Many services are now available to help students manage their online reputation. Dr. Kat spoke with Forbes this week and gave some tips on how to be smart about what you post online.
  5. Some students are saying “bye” to sugary sodas on campus. The University of California at San Francisco will be the first college in the US to stop the sale of sugary drinks on campus.
  6. What are the 10 wealthiest universities in the US? You might be surprised to find that only half are Ivy League.
  7. Crazy college amenities aren’t solely driving up college costs. The real culprit? Cuts in state funding.
  8. With the rise of new social media sites and apps, colleges are finding new ways to connect to students. Here are some new social media outlets students should use to research colleges.
  9. Planning to work while you’re in college? Here’s some insight into how much you can earn without affecting your financial aid status and awards.
  10. Want great college ROI? Consider attending a public university.
Were you affected by all the problems with the June 6 SAT? What steps do you take to make sure you’re posting responsibly online? Tell us in the comments below!

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