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Weekly College Admissions News Roundup, June 20-14

Fri, Jun 24, 2016 @ 09:55 AM

SCOTUS affirmative action in admissions rulingSupreme Court Upholds Affirmative Action in Admissions Policy, Guide to the 2016-17 Coalition Application


It was big week in higher education news, with the Supreme Court ruling on an important admissions case.

It was a long time coming for the Fisher v. UT – Austin case, which has been making its way through the courts for almost eight years, including one trip to the Supreme Court already. The ruling comes at a time when rising high school seniors are preparing for the college admissions process this fall, and trying to stay informed on the latest admissions developments.

Staying informed is key to a successful admissions process, and at IvyWise we aim to make that easier by bringing you the latest college admissions news and information every Friday!

Here are some of the top stories in college admissions and higher education news from this past week:

  1. The Supreme Court issued its ruling in the Fisher v. UT-Austin case this week, upholding the university’s race-based affirmative action admissions policy. This is a big win for the university and other institutions with similar policies, as it presents UT’s holistic review process as legal and defensible. This isn’t a sweeping ruling, however, and similar cases are sure to continue to pop up in courts across the country.
  2. We’re getting closer to the launch of the Coalition application, and there’s a lot that college bound students and parents need to learn about the new college application option. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on the 2016-16 Coalition App to help families better understand their options and decide whether or not to use the new platform when it launches later this summer.
  3. Finding your best-fit college isn’t just about finding a college where you’re happy and reaching your goals – it can also ensure you graduate in four years. This is important as a new study shows that an extra year or two in college can cost upwards of $300,000 in tuition, lost wages, lost retirement savings, and more.
  4. A specialty is important when applying to college, but don’t be afraid to branch out once you get on campus. Another recent study has shown that college students who take a range of classes outside their majors are more likely to make over $100,000 per year after college.
  5. Why is college location important? It can go a long way toward helping you secure internships and more while you’re in college.
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What do you think of the Supreme Court’s ruling? Do you plan on using the Coalition App this fall? Tell us in the comments below!

Also, don’t get behind on your college prep this summer! Stay on track with these college planning checklists!


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