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Weekly College Admissions News Roundup, March 16-20

Fri, Mar 20, 2015 @ 12:08 PM

College Admissions NewsMIT Accepts 8% of Applicants to the Class of 2019, More Admission Decisions Releasing Today Through the Weekend

We’re in the think of admission decisions season as high schools around the world learn whether or not they got into their top-choice colleges. As more decision dates and announced and decisions are released, we will be updating the blog as often as possible. We know it’s an anxious time for students waiting to hear back from colleges, so we hope to make this easier by bringing you the latest admissions and higher education news every Friday!
Here are some of the top stories in higher education and college admissions from this past week:
  1. Our first look at the Class of 2019 is here, with MIT announcing it admitted 1,467 students out of a pool of 18,306 – for an admit rate of 8%. More decisions will be released today and this weekend, culminating with most of the Ivies announcing decisions on March 31.
  2. The University of Chicago also released admission decisions recently, and offered tis handy guide on what to do depending on the decision you received. It has some great tips for waitlisted students.
  3. Behind on summer activity planning? Here are some ideas to help you get started. Remember: Colleges look at how you spend your free time so plan for a productive (but still fun!) summer!
  4. NYU announced its new university president this week.
  5. March Madness is in full swing! Here’s a fun piece on which school would win the NCAA Tournament If it was based on academics and not athletics.
  6. PayScale’s annual ROI report finds that it’s not where you study that determines ROI, but rather your major.
  7. This is cool: This gadget could help STEM students with experiments by recording data through sensors.
  8. We all heard about the video college applications that Goucher College offered. So how successful was it?
Will you hear back from your top-choice college this weekend? How are you preparing for summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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