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Weekly College Admissions News Roundup, Nov. 9-13

Fri, Nov 13, 2015 @ 11:30 AM

Study Suggests Elite Colleges Might Not Offer the Most Difficult Courses, Student Protests Grow On College Campuses

With most early deadlines passed and about a month-and-a-half to wrap up regular decision applications, college-bound high schoolers are feeling a little bit of relief this week from the pressures of the college admissions process. While this is a good time to take a breather, students need to be diligent about sticking to their application timelines, completing essays, and staying informed on the latest higher education news.

Higher education dominated the news this week, shedding light on some issues currently affecting several college campuses in the US. When applying to college it’s important to stay informed on the latest events, as it can impact how students see themselves fitting into a college and the campus’s culture. At IvyWise, we try to make this easier by brining you the latest higher education and college admissions news every Friday.

Here are some of the biggest stories in college admissions and higher education news from this past week:

  1. Do name-brand colleges really offer the ‘best’ education? Findings from a new study released this week suggest that ‘teaching quality and academic rigor are not necessarily stronger at prestigious institutions.’
  2. This week saw a lot of protests on college campuses, with many students voicing their opinions about race on campus and how administrators are handling concerns. Inside HigherEd has had some really informative coverage. Read about what’s happening at Mizzou, Ithaca, Claremont McKenna, and Vanderbilt here, here, here, and here.
  3. When applying to college it’s important to make sure your college list has a healthy balance of target, reach, and likely colleges. Dr. Kat has written before about what students should be mindful of when applying to ‘likely’ schools. Now she’s giving some insight into what to consider when applying to ‘reach’ colleges and how to improve your chances of admission to a school that might be harder to get into.
  4. What are colleges looking for when evaluating applicants? This week on the blog we offer some insight into what’s most important to college admissions officers when reviewing applications and how students can prepare.
  5. Students’ interests matter a lot in the college admissions process, and it’s not just so colleges can create a well-rounded class. Students’ interests can also impact their college experience. Here’s why your interests matter when applying to college.
  6. Early decision and early action admission decisions will be released next month. Most students have prepared for an acceptance, but what about a rejection? Dr. Kat gives some insight into how students can cope and move on in the admissions process.
  7. When applying to college, make sure you’re informed about what really happens during the college admissions process. Don’t fall for these common admissions myths.

Do you think classes at elite colleges should be the most difficult? Are you ready for regular decision deadlines? Tell us in the comments below!


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